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How A Disability Lawyer Can Help

How a New Jersey disability lawyer can help you with your appeal

As a New Jersey disability lawyer with more than 21 years of experience, I can help you appeal a denial of your claim for Social Security disability benefits by:

  • Gathering evidence.
  • Preparing you for your hearing.
  • Representing you at your hearing.
  • Following up after the hearing.

Gathering evidence

The cornerstone of your claim for Social Security disability benefits is the medical evidence in your file. When you file a claim, the Social Security Administration will try to obtain copies of your medical records from your treating physicians. However, Social Security personnel are handling hundreds of cases under severe time pressure, and are not always able to get all your records. Since you are responsible for proving to the Social Security Administration that you are disabled, you must ensure that the decision maker has all the records and reports he or she needs to determine that you are disabled.

I will review your Social Security Administration file to make sure that it contains all the evidence the Social Security Administration will need to properly evaluate your claim. If the records from your medical care providers do not tell the complete story, I will work with your treating doctors to obtain written statements from them that contain all the

information Social Security needs about your impairment. The Social Security Administration gives extra weight to opinions from the doctors who are currently treating you because they are in the best position to provide information about your condition over a period of time.

If you have symptoms that have not been properly evaluated, I can refer you to medical specialists for additional reports. If appropriate, I can refer you to a vocational expert for an evaluation of your ability to work.

Preparing you for your hearing

I will meet with you before your hearing date to prepare you for your hearing. I will describe how hearings are conducted, and advise you on how you can put your best foot forward by your attitude and demeanor. We will go over the kinds of questions the ALJ is likely to ask. Although you don’t want to give answers that sound rehearsed, you do need to be prepared to describe your work experience, your impairments, the limitations your impairment has caused to your ability to carry out the tasks of daily life, your current treatments, and what you do on a typical day. The most effective testimony includes specific examples and details, but does not ramble on.

I will also review with you the kinds of statements that you should avoid making even if they are true. For example, it does not help your case to complain to the ALJ about Social Security’s procedures, delays, or mistakes. Nor does it help you to say that there are no job openings in your area, no one would hire you in your condition, or the available jobs don’t pay enough. Remember that the issue the ALJ must decide is whether you are able to work, not whether you can get a job.

Representing you at your hearing

I will be by your side throughout the hearing. I will question you and your witnesses and cross-examine any medical or vocational experts presented by Social Security. I will make written and oral arguments to the judge and will object to improper evidence or procedures. If the ALJ indicates any concerns about your case, I will be there to clarify your position.

Following up after the hearing

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, an appeal is worth the effort. There are many ways an experienced New Jersey disability attorney can help. When I represent clients in New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania, I give them the same kind of personal service I would give to a family member. My clients work directly with me rather than with staff. If you are not already represented by a disability lawyer and would like a free evaluation of your claim, please contact me.

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